Six Years, and four babies and we’ve still got the heat!

Remembering that day, it was so surreal. The anticipation, our first kiss, discovering a what it means to be man and wife. There is so much joy and excitement and newness in the long awaited wedding day.

Six years later, today we remember that very special day. But today I am so thankful to say those days of high highs and sometimes low lows are (for the most part) over. I love how comfortable it is to be your wife, Christian Burns. I love the playfulness in our marriage. I love that we can laugh and tease one another in love and you (for the most part) don’t hurt my feelings (anymore:). I love the dreams that we have for our future. I love that you are a safe place for me, to grow in Christ, and that you do what the Bible tells a man to do, to love your bride like Christ loves the church. I love how you father our children and how they love you back. I love your grey hair. I love that you have become my best companion and I yours. I love knowing that neither of us would rather be in anyone else’s presence. I love how you make me laugh. I love how you support my dreams and I love supporting yours.

Happy Anniversary my love! ( I bet I beat you if we were to count the words in your post vs. mine ;)

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11 Responses to Six Years, and four babies and we’ve still got the heat!

  1. Christian says:

    I may be a man of fewer words, but thats not why you love me so much :)

    I love you baby!

  2. Stephen says:

    (rings the bell on the table)

    Glad you’re keeping the heat! Congratulations!

  3. Kelley says:

    Jenni, Over the years I have watched you grow. Not until Christian came into your life did I see release! He truly is your “houseband” I see how you give him the honour do him,and I am sure it is not always deserved.You are an awesome wife,for Christian’s love pours out of you…..Good job Christian for securing your wife!!!!
    Enjoy the years to come,

  4. Robin says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    We were married on the same day (to the year, even), and we have the same number of kids. How neat!

  5. Jenni says:

    Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes :) And Robin, that is amazing! Happy Anniversary to you too, and congratulations!

  6. Robin says:

    Thanks so much for the phone call and for listening…it’s not too often that someone inquires. I appreciate your friendship…even over all the years and miles! God bless you both on your special day!

  7. Sis says:

    Happy Anniversary, you two! Hope you had a GREAT day!
    Love you both!

  8. Karen says:

    Great picture! I remember that day – you were a beautiful bride.

    May the Lord bless you with many more years and many more babies and even more “heat”!!


  9. Roberta says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    “I love that we can laugh and tease one another in love and you (for the most part) don’t hurt my feelings (anymore:).”
    That cracks me up, but it is so true. When Adam I were married for just a few weeks and were in England with a missions team from our church he did something (I don’t recall what…we wives are SO forgiving aren’t we? ;)) and all I could muster up was “You… feeling hurter!” lol
    One of the beauty of the years together in Christ isn’t it?…giving and taking less offense.

    Even though we haven’t actually met in person I can see how you love and adore one another and you are blessed with a precious family. God bless you guys as the years roll on!

  10. Nicole says:

    Yeah, but he posted more pictures!

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