Sunny Day, Working on the Coop Again

Working hard on the coopGrazing hens

The kids and I got outside today again to work on the coop, granted I didn’t get much done. But we went out nevertheless and it was just nice to be out in the fresh air. I realizing though that the kids are going to need some gloves soon, it’s getting really cold out lately!

Working on the coop againThe new beams

I got the beams upĀ  for the roof and started putting the roofing down, but I am going to have to move the boards over, they don’t match up quite right with the sheets for the roof :( Oh well, it shouldn’t take me too much longer. It’s getting close, I’m really praying that we have a nice day this Saturday, I sooo want to get it done so we can get those chickens out of the garage! :)

Guenna doing her thing :)

Here’s my other little worker. Speaking of which, lately she has been such a big help. She loves to help me with the dishes and if I am not careful she will just start picking up dishes and throwing them into the sink. If they are glass, sometimes they break! Oh well :) She loves to help and I love that!

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2 Responses to Sunny Day, Working on the Coop Again

  1. Catherine says:

    It’s neat to see the coop coming along bit by bit! And WOW, are those the same chickens that were little bitty chicks just a few weeks ago??? I guess we have been busy and time has gotten away from me!
    I’m also realizing by the clothes and coats your kiddos are wearing that it must be getting pretty cool up there…it’s just now starting to get cooler down here, and we still have nice warm and even hot days most of the time.

  2. Jenni says:

    Yes, aren’t they getting big! Chickens, somewhat like children, grow really fast! ;)

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