Working on the Coop!

Rana helping me pound nails, thanks Rana!Taking nails out of the wood

My friend Rana came over yesterday with her two kids. They mostly played while we worked, but Aidan did help a little :) She was so nice to offer to come help me, she pounded some nails for me and also held up the siding while I drilled it in. And I should mention she’s about 20 weeks pregnant! What a trooper! Thanks for all your help Rana, it was fun working with you!

Bike races, Eamon's getting a little help :)Endless hours of fun for everyone!

The kids love having someone to play with!

Left side finishedP1240467

The left side is done, the right side is almost done. I took some really long (I think about 18′ long), tacked them up on the back and then wrapped them around the sides. I think that will work pretty good. The right side still needs one big piece and then it will be done. Not exactly sure what I’m going to do on the front but I will figure it out :)

I guess God decided I needed a break today, it’s raining pretty hard out there! Oh well, maybe I will make cookies instead of working on the coop. The chickens are doing great together, Snoopy has decided that she likes those odd little chickens. Aidan told our neighbor that they are getting along now because they all decided that Snoopy is the boss. Isn’t that life!

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2 Responses to Working on the Coop!

  1. Sis says:

    His perception is so wonderful! I love it!

  2. Jenni says:

    He doesn’t miss a beat :)

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