Another small prayer request…

Most of you know we are leaving for Hawaii in a week, and Guenna is teething :( All four of her eye teeth are coming in right now. And all of you moms know that it takes awhile so she will most likely be clingy and grumpy while we are in Hawaii but that’s life right? So if you think of her, please pray that she will at least be happy during the wedding, she’s got a big job in her auntie’s wedding, the only flower girl amonst four cute little boys! At least she’s cute when she cries, her daddy will tell you that she’s quite dramatic, but she’s a girl and it’s hard being a girl sometimes, even when you’re only 1! We are also hoping for nice flying neighbors, Guenna is very social and can be distracted pretty easily by friendly neighbors so we are hoping for friendly ones and not the kind that are annoyed by¬† inquisitive little girls :)

Additionally, Chris could use some prayer. He has an infected toenail :( He’s had problems with it before and is going to have some more permanent surgery but it’s pretty bad right now, not very good timing. He’s on his feet all day at work and I’m sure we will be on our feet a lot when we are in Hawaii. Can’t have the surgery before we go because he would be miserable while there, and so I am just praying that miraculously it will get better on it’s own before we leave. Anybody know of a home remedy that has worked wonders, we are open to suggestions :)

I have a lot to do so I better get going while the kids are sleeping. We had a lovely weekend at “ake Chelan” this last weekend. The kids didn’t want to leave, they said they wanted to stay there all the time! We didn’t want it to end either, we had such a great time fellowshipping with the people from our church, pictures to follow :)

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  1. nanajudi says:

    And a rather large prayer request: Kaitee Backus was just diagnosed with Crohn Disease. You know the problem she had with her shins, the dr. said it was a strep infection, which it was, however, it was also a much more severe auto immune problem which often appears several years into Crohns. Also her lack of growth for the past few years, and other symptoms. She had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy yesterday, and has been at Mary Bridge since then on IV Prednisone. Her legs look the best I have seen them in several months, when I went to see her after work today, mostly because of the prednisone. Jacki showed me pictures from her colonoscopy, and her colon is not pretty!! (Well, I know colons aren’t supposed to be pretty, but…) Anyway, I guess it never rains but it pours. DiAnn and Azailie were there when I went, and Zay wanted to know, “where’s Great Grandma?” I told her, “Grandma is in another hospital!” Too much sickness, too many hospitals!”

  2. Jenni says:

    Poor sweet Kaitee! I didn’t know that much about Crohns :( What challenges she is going to have to face but she’s got a wonderful family to support her and be with her through it. Thanks for letting me know.

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