Please pray for Grandma Webster

My grandma Webster (Jenni’s mom’s, mom) fell yesterday and broke her hip. She had hip replacement surgery this morning and it went pretty good. They gave her two units of blood during surgery because she was low and with congestive heart failure that can be real bad. She’s pretty uncomfortable so could use some extra prayer. I know there are a lot of concerned family members as Grandma’s health has not been the best these last couple years. We all love her so much and would like to have lots more years with her. This is also sad timing because it means she wont be going to Hawaii with us :( But I’m just really thankful it didn’t happen while we were in Hawaii. That’s all for now, good night!

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  1. Eldon Kelley says:

    Chris- It’s Eldon Kelley. My mom gave me your website. It is awesome. Where do you guys live now? What a blessing with the whole house fire thing. Our God is good! Drop me a note back. You can check me out at the above address’ and also at and at I’m so glad to see you and your wife’s passion for Jesus and for raising kids in His image. Blessing man.

    Bearing His torch

    Eldon Kelley

  2. Nicole says:

    Okay, so I didn’t think I was going to be going anywhere today. I ended up going to wal-mart. It’s weird…normally I like to stay home but lately I haven’t seemed to mind going out and getting things done. I’ve been nesting like crazy and I’m getting kind of tired of it. I’m forced to do it however when I’m home so the only way to get around it is to be gone. There is still more I could find to do…that I don’t think will ever change. I’m constantly trying to find ways to fit more things in our little living space. (to be more organized with the little space we have) Especially with the new baby coming.

    Well maybe we’ll touch base tomorrow since we played phone tag today. I imagine you are pretty busy getting ready to go. How fun.

    To answere your curiosity…I never had an ultrsound with this baby.

  3. nanajudi says:

    Just a little correction, Jen, maybe you meant to say congestive heart failure and digestive just came out. I don’t think I ever heard of digestive heart failure before, since the heart is not part of the digestive system. :) Congestive refers to congestion of fluid around the heart. Grandma was up in a chair for about an hour today when I went up at lunch time. By the time she got back in bed she was pretty worn out! I stayed with her while Sandee, Rebecca and Howard went to the cafeteria, but she slept most of the time! She was awake, watching TV when I went up after work, Terri was there. She didn’t talk much, but she seemed pretty alert. When I was up there before work they had just put in a pic line (like an IV, but it goes through a vein into the heart) She had “blown” two IV’s, and the pic line is more permanent. She was pretty tired after that too, just about anything wears her out! Hopefully she will move from ICU to the orthopedic floor either tonight or tomorrow morning!

  4. Sis says:

    I love the ‘digestive’ heart failure comment! I had to laugh when I saw that and, Mom, your note was hilarious! Thanks for the update, Mom, on Grandma. Well, I really needed the laugh and the visual of a heart as part of the digestive system was just too much. I cut my finger this evening pretty badly, so this evening has been pretty humbug. I’m using 6 fingers to type with right now.
    Anyway, we are praying for Grandma. See you all in 7 days!

  5. nanajudi says:

    Well, you know the old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…” :)

  6. Jenni says:

    Well, I will just say this…it was really late when I did that post! Thanks though mom ;)

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