More thoughts on thumb sucking…

I agree with my mom, I think now after one thumb sucker and two binkie lovers I prefer thumb sucking, so I’m okay with Cait sucking her thumb :) We have never attempted to get Aidan to stop sucking his thumb, although I have asked him to stop sucking his thumb during the day as well as Eamon doesn’t have a pacifier during the day. Mostly the reason I’m wanting Aidan to stop is because we have decided that we think it’s time for Eamon to get rid of the binkie. It’s been kind of a pain for us and he’s not real gracious about it when he’s missing his binkie, and lately has become real particular about what kind of binkie he receives at nap time. Anyway, it’s just one more experiment. And we are not opposed to trying again later :) So far Eamon is doing wonderfully without his binkie, at which I’m pleasantly surprised. I think he is really ready. And Aidan, although he cried pretty hard last night for a short while, did really well and after I checked on him an hour later wasn’t sucking his thumb and in the morning the Band-Aid was still in tact and his thumb was dry. So who knows, maybe he’s ready too. I had considered getting rid of all the binkies but daddy vetoed that idea from the start :) It’s a good thing Guenna has a compassionate daddy!

There are so many variables when you are a parent, every child is different and we are constantly having to seek God’s wisdom and I personally have to ask for lots of grace. I could be a bull dozer if I’m not careful, God is refining me like I’ve said before. His grace and wisdom are absolutely essential for my children to remember me as a good and loving mother :) 

We are giving the boys lots of praise for not sucking their thumb/binkie and they love it, so if nothing else is accomplished at least we are building their little egos, which is very necessary in the raising of little men! Well, I better get, I can hear now that my children are not sleeping and should be so I better go deal kindly with them :)

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  1. roberta says:

    (This is not advice…just what we are dealing with.)
    My first sucked his thumb from about 3 months until 18 months. One day he just stuck his thumb in his mouth, and cried instantly. I am really not sure what happened (bit himself, teething) but he quit immediately. My first daughter found her thumb at 2 weeks, she was adorable, and now at 6 1/2 shows no signs of stopping. Her younger sister used a bink occasionally, but one day watching her sister intently decided to try it out, and began awkwardly sucking her thumb. Now 3 years later…she’s a thumb addict. We have tried having them sleep with socks on their hands, fingers dipped in apple cider vinegar, promises of rewards…I really need to get thumbguards made….but at night they unconciously pop them back in. And their teeth are starting to look like thumbsuckers teeth!
    So when Noah was around 9 months I noticed him observing his sisters and practicing the thumb thing (awkwardly also) and decided I was not going to have 3 thumbsuckers and gave him a binkie. He does not always have it in and I do not rush to replace it if it falls out, and when he throws it I just stick it in the drawer. So I guess we’ll see what happens.
    How old were you when you quit Jenni?

  2. I was a thumbsucker myself — I remember sucking on my thumb, I sucked it so late into life. (the dentist mentioned one reason I needed braces was because of my thumb sucking) So after reading about pacifiers, both here and elsewhere, I had registered for pacifiers and trying to convince the baby to soothe with pacifiers. But then this week I took a breastfeeding class and they mentioned that pacifiers can cause problems with breastfeeding! nipple confusion and all that.

    So I am no longer so sure.

  3. nanajudi says:

    Sarah, First time moms get so much input, it can become confusing!! I had it easier than most, I was the oldest girl with 9 younger siblings, so I saw a lot of stuff growing up, of course, none of my siblings had pacifiers, and several sucked their thumbs. Three of my kids had pacifiers, and Jen was my only thumbsucker, none of them suffered from “nipple confusion”! Sometimes “experts” cause problems by expressing what is really only their opinion! This is your baby, if you love it, as I know you will, just do what you feel is right, for this particular baby, and everything will be all right!! I promise you!! :)

  4. Jenni says:

    Well said mom :) Sometimes our baby decides for us on this issue! Cait refuses the binkie most of the time, but wants it in the car now, hasn’t figured out the thumb in the car. She’s so cute when she sucks her thumb!

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