Trying times…

You see the picture of our sweet little daughter who has just figured out how to suck her thumb. At the same time we are attempting to help our oldest child learn to stop sucking his. Right now he is crying in his bed because we put a Band-Aid on his thumb to see if that will help, we will see (I think we may have to put gauze on there). At the same time Eamon is saying his final good bye’s to his binkie, and surprisingly he is doing really well. He only has a binkie at nap time and the occasional found treasure around the house that he is instructed to put on the counter. For Aidan it’s going to be a longer road I think, he really likes his thumb, and I feel bad for him but we’ve decided that now is the time. We’ll see if we are strong enough to carry it out though. We’ve given the boys an incentive though, when they have shown us that they are done sucking their thumb/binkie, we will get them a bunny.

We would welcome any suggestions on helping a child overcome thumb sucking in a gentle way, we don’t want him to feel bad about it since it’s not a sin but we do feel like it’s time to stop. Anyone have success stories they would like to share?

Additionally, anyone have any tips on caring for bunnies? What do you do with them in the cold months? :)

Well, the crying has stopped. So either he fell asleep without his thumb, he took the band-aid off and is sucking it or he could be sucking it with the band-aid on :) I really hope he’s just asleep without the thumb but that might be a little much to ask on his first night.

Chris and I went on a lovely date tonight. A cooking class put on by the Market Street Cafe catering company. The food was delicious, wonderful wine and great company! On that note, I think I will head to bed early! Good night!

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  1. nanajudi says:

    Hmmm, well, you could do what we did with YOU, start orthodontistry with an expander with prongs that reminded you if you tried to suck your thumb! Of course you were 7 or 8 at the time, and I don’t think you sucked your thumb much by then, never in the day time, though there were some times you woke up with a rather “prunie” thumb! The dentist didn’t seem to think it would cause tooth problems until your permanent teeth came in, and by then you had nearly quit with just gentle suggestions (well, maybe not so gentle from Grandpa, he wanted us to put hot sauce or something bad tasting on it!) :) If it’s his teeth you are worried about, I think genetics has more to do with overbites than thumb sucking does. Your Aunt Sandee sucked her thumb for quite a while, and she has beautiful teeth, and Aunt Rebecca never sucked her thumb, and she had an overbite more than you had, she has a high, narrow palate like you did, the expander helped yours quite a bit.

    If the incentive works, rabbits are pretty easy to raise. Ours were in outside cages year round, though we had nest boxes for them to get into when it got cold out, and two in a cage helps to keep them warm, though you would want two males or two females, unless you want LOTS of bunnies!! :)

  2. Jenni says:

    Thanks mom, I’m not really concerned about his teeth. I guess I just want to help him stop at a younger age. He did great last night. He cried for about five minutes but then fell asleep. I went in and checked on him about an hour later and he wasn’t sucking it, it wasn’t even by his face and his thumb was dry. So we will see.

    Eamon went to bed without crying at all and seemed pretty cheerful this morning when he woke. About the bunnies, I don’t remember having bunnies, when was that? There is a vague memory but it’s meshed in with all the other animals we had. :) Thanks mom!

  3. nanajudi says:

    I guess the bunnies were before your time. By the time you were old enough to help with the animals, we had graduated to much larger animals…good thing too, bunnies were much too cute, I made Dad kill them, and skin them, then I just had to clean and cook them! ‘Course, I never did any of the killing, I made Dad be the murderer!! :)

  4. Amy Lewis says:

    Hi Jenni,
    Our oldest bit her nails. It was a big deal to us then. Its different than sucking, but similar. Its a bad habit and not socially acceptable. We used a special nail polish that tasted gross, it didnt work. We disciplined, which was silly and self defeating (nail biting is typically a stress reliever). In hind sight, I wish we wouldnt have felt so much (most self imposed) pressure to have everything/body be just right. I wish I would’ve had more grace for a little girl, with a VERY busy mommy, who had found a way to help herself feel peaceful. She is 12 now and still does it occasionally. I said, fingers out and she obeys.
    I’ve seen lots of adult nail biters, but no adult thumb suckers!

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