Happy Mother’s Day to my wife

I want to wish my wife a belated happy mother’s day. We had a very busy weekend that included much driving and running around and did not end until about 1am today.

Thank you Jenni for being such a wonderful mother to our children. They love you so much and for some reason seem to want to always snuggle with you first. Your selflessness makes itself known in all of the ways you put their needs before your own. Thank you for your daily sacrifice. It is a blessing to us and you bless others through you testimony. I love you babe.

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4 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day to my wife

  1. Kelley says:

    Dear Jenni,
    What a beautiful picture.Keep them near and as they grow they will be so secure and truly know who they are by you both leading them.You are awesome parents and the reason I say that is because of the way you both speak of each other! I love you both,Kelley

  2. nanajudi says:

    Chris, I know Jenni appreciates that you appreciate her!! And I do too! Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than seeing her son-in-law love and cherish her daughter!! You are both such good parents, thank you for a great mother’s day weekend! I love you ALL!

  3. Jenni says:

    Thank you Kelley, I’ve always appreciated you. You’ve encouraged me at many stages of my life. Bless you and Happy Mother’s day!

    I love you mom, and it was so nice to spend Mother’s Day with my mom and Grandma. We had a great weekend seeing everyone and getting to show off our new little girl. See you on Saturday mom! Love you!

  4. Jenni says:

    By the way, thanks hon for the sweet Mother’s Day wish. I love you! What would life be like married to anyone but you, you are the best husband and more than most women ever dream of having in a man. I love you!

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