I’m so blessed

I know that I have a good husband. Today he worked for 8 hours, then he came home and we ate dinner and then he sent me and Cait off on a date so I could have a little quiet time to myself while he watched the older kids. Tonight when he left for work he was feeling bad that he didn’t get all the dishes done for me. Wow, am I blessed or what? I’ve been a little emotional today and he sensed that and that’s why he sent me off.

I love you babe. I love that you take good care of me. I love that you know when I’ve had enough and you try to make it better even if you don’t know how sometimes. I always feel like you try to put me first. Thanks babe for being so sensative. You are a great husband and a great daddy.

When I came home tonight Eamon’s first expression was a big smile as he said, “I missed you mommy!” I was only gone for about two hours :) Then Aidan said sweetly, “mommy, did you have a nice long time at the doctor’s?” Such a sweetie, shows you how much time we’ve been spending at the doctor’s lately! :)

Well, it’s time to get myself to bed! Good night.

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