I did it!

I finished writing the Birth Story of our daughter Caitriona Jean Burns! What a miracle new life is! If you would like to read about the miracle of our daughter’s birth you are welcome to, please be aware that it is a long and detailed story and may include some details of labor and birth that some appreciate more than others :)

It feels good to have these two weeks behind me. I’m feeling great, feeling much less dizzy and getting my strength back. I think our children are glad to have mommy back and I am happy to be feeling myself again. I treasure these weeks though with our newborn daughter, she is already starting to change, yesterday she smiled at me several times while I was talking to her and she has a beautiful smile.

Well, it’s very late and I must get to bed. Have I mentioned in previous posts that we are all getting good sleep around here? We’ve finally gotten Guenna to sleep through the night and Eamon too has been sleeping through the night most nights, not waking for his binkie anymore. Guenna isn’t waking for a bottle so all I have to wake for is Cait who only wakes two or three times to nurse and then goes right back to sleep. Life is good! :)

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  1. Dioma says:

    Dear Jenni
    Yeah, you are right, life is good, especcially when it begans at home.
    I think my wife and I have the same motto than yours.
    Kind regards.

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