Roses for Mommy

Sweet roses

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Today I let the boys play outside because it was so nice out! It’s still kind of cold and their little hands get really cold after being out there for awhile but they love it and they do lots of “work” out there in the dirt and the rocks. Aidan loves to role-play that he is a worker or a tractor or something like that.

They had been out there playing for awhile and he came in the house with this bundle of grass in his hand and said, “I picked you some roses Mommy!” They were green roses he said. “Oh my, they are beautiful, and they smell so nice!” I quickly removed the wilted rose from Valentine’s Day that I obviously had a hard time parting with, to make way for my new, freshly picked, “roses”. Aren’t they beautiful?!

There is something so precious about a little boy picking a weed for his mom, something in his heart that says, “I want to please her and make her smile.” That is just what he did too. And I know that his sweet gesture came strait from his heart and that is what made me feel so special. He was thinking of me while he was working, maybe not the whole time, maybe it was just a passing thought as he saw all those “roses” in the grass. But something made him stop and create those beautiful roses in all those weeds just so his mommy would have something pretty to look at. It did brighten my day, and so did the other handfuls of roses that he went right out to get after I had displayed the first ones. We put those ones outside on a milk crate to “dry.” One day he will bring roses to his wife, and I’m sure she will feel a prick of tenderness in her heart as he comes around the corner beaming with love in his heart for her, showing her an expression of his deepest feeling. Love. What a sweet gift.

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3 Responses to Roses for Mommy

  1. Nickie says:

    what a sweet story! And I loved the one about Guenna clapping for Eamon – what a supportive sister. RYC, thanks for the advice, it’s just that with her loss at 20 wks it reminds me of my own last summer and the dull ache of grief is there again. I know pain & grief are a part of this world & usually reinforced our need for God, but it still pains me. Thanks for the encouragement. Her xanga name is kaitie_did if you want to stop by.

  2. Karen says:


    One of my favorite things is when my littles bring me dandelions. I LOVE them. What some would call weeds, I call love.

    Great post…Good boys!

  3. Tamara says:

    How sweet! I’ve gotten “beautiful flowers” from nephews and little cousins and they ARE so precious. It’s so sweet when you see that they are thinking about you when you’re not around. I can’t wait to get “roses” from my little boys some day. How fun! And yes, the story about Guenna just lights up your heart, doesn’t it? I can just see her clapping away! How cute! Love you sis!

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