Sleepy post

I am so tired right now! It’s 11:17 pm and I just got back from shopping at Fred Meyer’s and Wal Mart! But I came home to dishes from dinner that were washed and the left overs put in the fridge and tonight my husband put up the hanging shelves that go above the washer/dryer for my cloth diapers so I can get back into the rhythm of cloth before the baby comes (I just cant see spending all that money on disposables when I will have three in diapers full time and I already have all the sizes for cloth!) So here I go again, I’m going to adjust the way I do it though, no cloth diapers on Sundays, and I will take disposables with me when I go places, which isn’t usually very often so it shouldn’t cost too much extra and it will really help with the convience factor and help keep me a little more organized. So my husband is great, it’s great to be a team with your husband, he really gets excited about helping me achieve my organizational goals and I really appreciate that about him, and did I mention that he is doing this raw food detox diet with me? I couldn’t do it without him!

Speaking of the diet, it is going really well. I plan to do a post soon about what I have been eating, my menu schedule and such and give a few more recipes that I have been trying out. Here is one I found tonight that is totally safe on this diet.The boys and I made No-Bake Oatmeal cookies tonight, I found a vegan recipe and all the ingredients are allowed on this diet, they were surprisingly really good! And a great healthy snack, the boys loved them as well so that was great! I love having a treat for the boys every once in awhile and when it’s healthy and they like it, all the better!

Well I better sign off and rest my weary body. I just realized today that I only have 45 days until my due date! No wonder why I’m starting feel the affects of pregnancy! Good night!

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4 Responses to Sleepy post

  1. Aunt Jacki says:

    Those cookies look good! I think I’ll try them. Hey, you look good too! I forgot you were even pregnant…and you only have 45 days to go. That’s amazing!
    Love you.
    Aunt Jacki

  2. Sara says:

    I am excited to try those cookies! I think they are something that River would enjoy. he likes to have a treat in his lunchbox now and then and these will be good to try!

  3. John Cummins says:

    Your children are certainly growing like flowers (not weeds). I just saw Christian’s comments on my homeschool blog. I wonder if we could Skype or GizmoProject sometime? Pass this on to Christian please.What is Chris’ Skype name?

    My podcast is at:

    I haven’t podcast in a long time as I told Christian.

    Anyway, for encouragement as a homeschooling family I would point you all to Kevin Swanson, Gary DeMar and The American View…all great podcasts and also for music to the Bored Again Christian:

    and Phil Keaggy :

  4. John Cummins says:

    I think you will especially enjoy Kevin Swanson a homeschool father of five.

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