Some pictures from our Anniversary Date

It’s so great to get away with the love of your life and reconnect for a whole weekend. We were thinking we would stay up late and hang out and watch a movie but shortly after I did my post last night I got an awful congestion headache that lasted all night, I was pretty miserable so we went to bed, I got more sleep last night than I have in a long time, and probably really needed it! I also edited the picture post Chris did a couple days ago with some commentary on our five year timeline.

A view of our room, it was a beautiful Victorian theme

Delicious breakfast served by our hosts, Banana Peach Cold Soup and Spinach and Sausage Quiche

Views from our room, of Mt. Baker and the docks

Anchorage Inn Bed and Breakfast-we would definitely suggest this place, it was wonderful!

Went for a walk in downtown Coupeville and ended up at a cute little coffee shop for coffee and a scone, we talked to this sweet man from London for about an hour, about politics, he was a kick! Also enjoyed watching the seagulls walking on the ice.

And none of this would have been possible without my lovely mother’s help. Thank you nana Judi for driving two hours to come and stay with our kids all weekend long, I’m so thankful for all your hard work and for taking such great care of our babies, we love you!!! You know that the boys asked about you as soon as they woke from their nap, they love you!

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7 Responses to Some pictures from our Anniversary Date

  1. Nana Joan says:

    Happy you had a good time! I can attest to Nana Judi’s amazing abilities! The kids were smiling and happy in church and such good kids! What a job getting them ready and there on time. Notice in the pic they are all color co-ordinated! Good Job Judi!!! Glad we got to see you. Aidan was telling me excitedly, about going home and having PB&J sandwiches for lunch! Ah! Simple pleasures!
    Love you,
    Nana Joan

  2. That Sausage and Spinach Quiche looks delicious!

  3. Catherine says:

    What an adorable place to stay for your special weekend, and I LOVE the view you had! I’m so glad you and Chris were able to have some time away together to refresh before baby 4 joins the family! And how fortunate you are to have such loving grandparents nearby to watch your little ones. Blessings!

  4. nanajudi says:

    And NOW I remember how it was having several little ones!! I thought I remembered before, but I had no idea! Actually, they were very good, and we had a good time. Eamon only asked for Mommie a few times, and then didn’t cry, just asked for her. The only REAL bad time was when it was time for Guenna to go to sleep for the night, and she REALLY wanted her Mommie! She slept well after Nana won the battle, though. Don’t know if I will be up to 4 little ones next year! We’ll see next year! I told Aidan, “Sometimes Mommies and Daddies need to go away together and spend some time without kids.” He replied, “Then do Nanas need to stay?” Yes, Aidan, then Nanas need to stay! :)

  5. kim j says:

    Not sure you will remember me, but I’m your barista at the cute little coffee shop in Coupeville, coupeville coffeehouse.
    I saw the pics taken of the frozen water and iceskating seagulls. thanks for posting the photos so quickly. My husband will be intersted in seeing the photo.
    Hope your trip was a good one!
    Hope to see you again sometime.
    Thanks again, Kim J.

  6. Christian says:

    Oh we remember you, and I knew it would take forever to actually email you the pictures. glad you like them. :) It was lots of fun to just sit and hang out with the “locals”

  7. Jenni says:

    Kim, I’m glad you stopped by to our site, we enjoyed coffee Sunday morning at your cute little shop! Just glad you were open :) Thanks!

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