Playing monster

Sometimes when I get home from work I just want to sit and veg on the couch. Especially when I didn’t get much of a lunch break and I have such a short drive home that there isn’t really any time to decompress from the day. Tonight Jenni made a simple yet elegant dinner consisting of red potatoes and baked beans. It was simply superb! After dinner as I was sitting in the big chair I started playing monster with the boys. Our boys really had fun. Aidan has such an imagination that I have to hold back so that he dosnt get to frightened. Eamon on the other hand just cant get enough. So I crawled around and made scary faces and grabbed kids at just the right times to make it fun and to not have to venture off of the area rug (pergo and bare knees of men that exceed 260lbs do not mix). The monster was unable to eat his fill of the desired piggy toes. And then Aidan and Eamon chased each other back and forth. At one point Eamon was chasing Aidan around the corner and Aidan slipped and fell. He got up and ran past me with this terrified look on his face. He was almost certain that his little brother (who was a crocodile) was going to catch him. We were cracking up because Aidan was so “in the moment” that it was too scary, he could have been eaten. These are the times we like to remember (as opposed to those times of whining and disobedience). Life is just too fun, why wouldn’t we want a few more kids like these :)

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  1. Nana Joan says:

    What wonderful fun…it brings back the memories of you and Carrie begging us to play Hide & Seek in the dark…in the house. We went around searching for you and used the camera flash to catch you. The flash blinded you so we could grab you. The fact is, I was more afraid than you guys. BOO! I think you were much older than Aidan & Eamon, but the excitement was still there. Your little guys will always remember the times you took to play with them. What an exciting end to the day. (Maybe we could find some kneepads for you!)
    Love, Mom

  2. Joshua Clark says:

    I think you’re a pretty cool Dad and husband man. And you have a pretty cool family. Lovin’ the chivalric, servant-leader manliness baby!

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