Affordable Early Pregnancy Test Co-op

I am going to be hosting an Early Pregnancy Test Co-op. Are you interested in having a few of these handy? They are 99% accurate and really easy to use. They are capable of detecting human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, at levels of just 20mIU/ml/hCG. That means you can begin testing accurately just 6 to 8 days after conceiving – and days before your missed period. All tests have a shelf life of about two years and the date is printed on the package.

If you have any questions or are interested in placing an order please e-mail Jenni at I will be taking orders for two weeks, until June 24th, 2006 so get your orders in! You can order as many as you want, 1 to 100 or more! Just a word for these tests-we have used them for the last few years and they work, we used them to detect pregnancy for both Eamon and Guenna!

Here are the details:

Pregnancy tests are $1.00 each and add $1.00 to the total for shipping. You can send me a check or pay through pay-pal by using my email address to make the payment.

If you order 5 or more I will give you free shipping!

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14 Responses to Affordable Early Pregnancy Test Co-op

  1. nanajudi says:

    Well, I just don’t think I will have a use for that service any time soon…and it’s a bit late for Andrew and Andrea. Andy just told me today that their due date is about Jan. 21, 2007. A little earlier than they thought. Hope you are feeling better, I went back to work on Fri. after Wed. and Thur. off. Grandma W. is not feeling well today. Got up and dressed, but was feeling kind of queazy.
    Gotta go fix them dinner, hope she feels like eating.
    Love, Mom

  2. Jenni says:

    Thanks for the support mom, sorry you can’t use any. But who knows, you could buy them as Christmas presents for all your nieces and nephews! ;)

  3. The thing is — do I really -want- to know that early that I’m not pregnant? At least this way, I can be anticipatory half of each month, wondering if every cramp, every stomach turning is an early symptom of pregnancy or not. If I knew earlier, then I’d just have more time to be depressed/struggle between depression and faith in God’s timing.

    I’ll take 12.

  4. Jenni says:

    My Boaz’s Ruth, that was really funny!! :) You would be suprised how many women can relate to you! So do you really want 12 or were you just joking? You can let me know!

  5. Well. I tried to send you email but it bounced and I’m no longer sure I have the right address, I can’t find where I found it before.

    But–I wasn’t meaning to be funny. And ye, the 12 want was real. Though a part of me wondered after wards if I should hsve asked for fewer, just in case its going to take all of them to get there (Kind of a backwards on the 2 Kings 13:17-20 — I always felt sorry for the poor King. It had not been obvious that the number of times he shot into the ground meant anything!) But I don’t think changing it now means anything.

    And with the number of couples trying to get pregnant/getting pregnant in our Newly Marrieds, I figure I can find a good home for any we can’t use. (It’s true, right, that you are very unlikely to get pregnant when breastfeeding?)

  6. Jenni says:

    My Boaz’s Ruth, thanks. To and to answer your question about the likelihood of not getting pregnant while you are breastfeeding, the answer is NO. I speak from experience, I’ve gotten pregnant three times while nursing (all before my baby was 8 months old). So no, nursing is not a form of birth control, although it has worked for some people but most of the ladies I know say that it doesn’t work for them. :)

  7. Kara says:

    My OB always gave 3 criteria for breastfeeding preventing pregnancy. If any of the 3 factors change, he says you are no longer protected. 1)baby still nurses several times throughout the night 2)baby doesn’t have any supplements to formula(solid food, formula, even pacifiers) 3)your menses haven’t resumed
    It’s always worked for us. I usually get pregnant while still nursing, but not until baby is eating solids, sleeping through the night(at least part of the time), and my menses have resumed.
    I’ve always wanted 12 kids too, unfortunately DH doesn’t agree:(

  8. Jenni says:

    Kara, I’ve heard that too but I can’t seem to figure out how to not let my babies have a binkie! I’ll have to try that one of these times but I’m just not quite there yet :)

  9. Hrm. I wonder why the baby having a pacifier makes a difference. We didn’t have pacifiers growing up — weren’t even in the house. No idea if it was something our parents did or not. I’m trying to remember — don’t think I’ve ever seen my sister’s kids with pacifiers. I’ll have to ask her how she does it. Maybe its genetic?

    As for 12 kids — I always wanted a dozen growing up. I have reduced my desires because it took me a decade longer to get married than I thought it would. If we’d had a kid every other year or so from the one we got married, with 12 kids I’d be 48 (young end) to 58 (old end) when the last was born. Add 18 to that for the child to be nominally adult. Tack on that my family is not generally long-lived…and I have decided that having a dozen of my own is not a good idea. I’ll have to settle for what God gives me and affecting other children’s lives who pass through my own for the rest.

  10. Catherine says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine knowing that early along that I’m pregnant…with Brins and Jesse I didn’t know I was pregnant till I was a couple months along. With Heather and Kaden I knew sooner, but we were specifically trying to get pregnant with them. Maybe I’ll buy some when we’re next thinking of having another baby (of course we’ll probably get pregnant again before we actually plan to) :)

  11. Kara says:

    I think the idea is that babies who don’t take a pacifier nurse more often. My first 2 refused to take them, so we never even tried with the next two. I do have 2 thumb suckers though.

  12. Nickie says:

    I don’t know about the pacifier thing but I heard that your nursing baby needs to completely drain both breasts at each feeding to delay ovulation. And for most babies they stop doing that around the time they begin to try cereal. Just what I heard.
    Sorry Jenni, I don’t think I want to know that early! :) I kind of like having my 1st trimester almost over before I know what is going on… LOL!

  13. Jenni says:

    Hmmm, I must not fit into the normal scenario. With my boys, they both nursed on both sides and Eamon nursed several times through the night, and I resumed my cycle when they were 6 weeks. With Guenna she only nurses on one side and has finally started nursing on both (only because when I was sick she had to because my milk supply when so low and then it finally regulated to her nursing on both sides. Before she would just nurse on one side and then two hours later she would nurse on the other side. But my cycle has been totally differnt this time, who knows! I just leave it up to God, I have yet to figure myself out! ;)

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