Book recomendations – Trapp Family Singers,

Jenni and I are having alot of fun reading my Christmas present, “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” It is so much better than the movie. We just finished the first half. I highly recomend it. It has had us laughing rather loudly on more than one occasion.
I was talking with Douglas Easterly tonight and was recomending “Reforming Marriage” since Doug and Carol are enjoying their first month as newlyweds. Hands down the best marriage book we have read. It steps on husbands and wives modern toes with equal vigor. We read it out loud together. One paragraph could set off one hour of discussion into all kinds of areas.

If you purchase via the above links we will make some money, just an FYI, no preasure but we could use the money.

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3 Responses to Book recomendations – Trapp Family Singers,

  1. kerri says:

    Doug Wilson is very good at stepping on everybody’s toes, isn’t he. A good trait in a preacher-nobody feels left out!

  2. “It is so much better than the movie.” — There’s a reason for that. It’s TRUE! The movie rights for the book got sold to a company that never made the movie, so Maria did not have the rights when the Sound of Music was made — and the company had gone under so they obviously didn’t pursue their copyright.

    Sound of Music is STIlL my favorite movie, but I do keep in mind it isn’t the true story. THAT is “Story of the Trapp Family Singers” (Yes, it’s a real group. Grandchildren were here locally singing right before Christmas. Though obviously not the group)

    I have fond memories of this one and “Maria” — we read them out loud as a family and over and over, so we destroyed the binding of one and my mom just took the second copy back to south Carolina with her so I’m out to get our family copy now.


  3. Jenni says:

    We will have to get “Maria,” we are hooked now, such great stories and what an adventurous life they lived!

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