In the arms of my love…

This week has been a hard and emotional week for me. I wont go into the details but this coming season of holidays is one of the first I have not really looked forward to. Last night (among other nights this week) I was emotional. Sitting on the couch crying after we had put the boys to bed, not exactly knowing what to say or why I was crying, unable to explain why I was feeling this way. My husband and I had a disagreement earlier and had worked it out, but I was still just feeling sad. He just sat next to me and waited, with his arms embracing me. Not saying much but just there. I know that sometimes in the midst of the moment he is probably wondering, “Am I doing the right thing? What do I say? How can I help my wife?”

I am so thankful that no matter what happens around us, what friends may come or go, what towns we leave or homes we say goodbye to, my husband’s arms are always there to hold me. He doesn’t always know what to say or even how to pray for me, he is learning that I’m as unpredictable as the stereotypical woman. But he still holds me, still yearns to comfort me when I am down, and encourage me when I feel discouraged. I know that my heart is safe in his hands. He has the power to ruin me, and yet he does his very best to protect my heart. I thank God that He has blessed me with Christian as my lover. He is my knight in shining armor. Thank you my love for being who you are, I love you.

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  1. Christian says:

    I love you too babe :)

    I like you lots and you are fun to hang out with!

  2. Robin says:

    Amen to that description (only I mean it of my Chris…no offense Mr. Burns)!! Chris just said to me today (not for the first time) that home is wherever I am at. Now if that doesn’t melt a heart, I am not sure what will. I was saying to Chris today that I am glad that in the midst of all of my yuckyness, he sees me the way the Lord does and he gently speaks truth and holds me, when really what I deserve is a good kick in the pants sometimes. Thank you, Lord, for godly christian hubbys!!

  3. Beautiful!

    You two are such a wonderful inspiration for the type of loving relationship I hope to have someday. You both are truly blessed to have one another and it is really reassuring for me to see (or read about) couples who are so committed to God and each other. Thanks :)

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