Some More Cute Pics of Aidan

We have taken some more photos of our little one and I thought we would share them with you. He just gets cuter every day! We are just amazed at his ability to learn and continue to be amazed with what he understands. We will say ‘Aidan go get your ball’, or ‘Aidan go pick up your book and put it in the basket,’ and he does it! Of course not every time, he’s not perfect but we are working with him. Our desire is to really challenge our kids and to train them every day.

Our prayer for Aidan lately has been, ‘Lord help him to know truth, not just to know the rules we have given him but to know the heart behind it.’ We want him to learn principle so that when we are gone he will obey even in our absence; this is something that comes with time. We watch him sometimes from the other room going after something he’s not supposed to and he hesitates but often touches it anyway. It’s challenging being a parent, but we love it. I learn so much every day and I feel the responsibility of leaving a heritage for my children, not just of memories but a spiritual heritage. ‘We need You Father, more every day. Teach us as we teach this little boy, to be people of discipline and truth.’

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